Cooperation with the ECCP/European Cluster Collaboration Platform in 2022

Published: 3. July 2023

In 2021, HEMP CLUSTER cooperated with ECCP primarily within the framework of its 3rd ESCA certification / Bronze Label / 30.11.2021. The European online cooperation center for industrial clusters supports their work through mapping, networking and specialized services and events. It connects 1,500 cluster groupings, located in more than 200 regions, representing almost 25% of employment in the EU. In 2022, we used ECCP services mainly by participating in educational events Events (22.10, 17.11) Cluster Meets Regions (16.2, 22.6, 26.9) Support Ukraine (21.3, 24.8), receiving micro-support from ClusterXchange (27.9) and participation in Surveys (14.3, 10.5 and 16.9).

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