Hemp Cluster General Assembly 2022

Published: 3. July 2023

In accordance with the HEMP CLUSTER´ Statute, the members discussed at the Annual General Meeting. They approved the activity report for 2022, the Annual Report for 2021. Following the complicated year 2022 – post/pandemic, geopolitical instability, the state of politics in the Slovak Republic – the general assembly established a realistic framework of activity in a partnership discussion, as a biocircularly innovative, start-up and coop-oriented industrial cluster. The key tasks for 2023 were defined as:

  • creating an example of good practice = a functional economic cycle based on hemp primary production and processing
  • that is, the completion of the development and production of a new type of boards, a machine for processing stems, for own cash-flow, as a necessary basis for further development
  • continued building of a network of partner entities in applied research and applying for grant support
  • admitting new members by the end of 2023 so as not to disrupt the intra-cluster consensus, as a basic prerequisite for the creative process in the future.

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