Nitra/Banská Bystrica

Regional innovation tables

Published: 7. July 2023

We met in the regional centers of MIRRI SR, 12.6. in Nitra and 15.6. in Banská Bystrica, for “innovation tables” on the topics of Intersectoral Innovation Partnerships (MIP) under Measure 1.1.1 of the Slovakia 2021-2027 Program, which is designed to strengthen the coordination role of regions in supporting regional innovation ecosystems. In the discussion, we tried to make those present aware of the place of applied research projects of clusters, SMEs and UNI with its production and development impacts on the regions, as the main goal of the MIP is to build high-quality cross-sector innovation cooperation. The developed administrative and professional capacities of MIRRI SR, SIEA and BBSK Development Agency are welcome project support.

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