3. ESCA certification Hemp Cluster

Published: 30. June 2023

For the third time, Hemp Cluster has has defended its functioning as an industrial cluster in accordance with the eligibility criteria for the cluster management excellence labeling from the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA). Certificate VK016202111C210982 valid until November 30th 2024 confirms – following the initial assessment in 2017 (SVK016201710C170982) and recertification in 2019 (SVK020201911C191151), the continual improvement of the BRONZE start-up cluster structure including the set of recommendations for ongoing growth speaking about the cluster composition, regional growth organizational development and its internationalization. Since 2008, ESCA has re/certified more than 1,200 clusters across the EU, and its certificate gives the opportunity for Hemp Cluster to enter transnational projects as a trusted entity of a pan-European clusters and superclusters´ landscape.

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