Nepales, Italy
6. - 10.9. 2022


Published: 7. June 2023

Hemp Cluster participated at the hemp conference organized by the Federazione Italiana Canapa and the European Hemp Association EIHA in Naples. More than 50 presentations from Italy, EU, CAN, USA, South Africa – it is the most important event in one of the most active countries of the European hemp renaissance. The event was set for the expected turnover in the hemp trade: from the current (USA, CAN) approx. 80% of the harvest intended for CBD extraction, to the period 2030+, when 70% of the production is expected to be consumed for other hemp industrial applications. Thanks to European policies supporting green chemistry, there is a clear interest of companies in the results of science and research in the production of fully recyclable materials in accordance with the creed “It came from the soil, it will return to the soil”.

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